Poultry Market Monitoring Amid the Bird Flu Outbreak

Track the impact on the industry in real time

Real-time monitoring

The current strain of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) is being monitored closely by government and industry bodies. Gro has put together a resources page to help teams monitor the impact of the outbreak on their supply chains. 

Additionally, we have launched Gro's Bird Flu Outbreak Monitor to track the spread and severity, freely accessible to all teams.

Monitor the poultry market and wider industry shifts with the Broiler Chicken Monitoring Toolkit

Gro's Bird Flu Outbreak Monitor is part of our Broiler Chicken Monitoring Toolkit, which provides deeper visibility into the changing supply and prices of broiler chickens. This toolkit provides teams the ability to forecast the impact of current events, predict short-term price drivers, and anticipate industry shifts to better plan product strategies.

Our expert analyst team is available to help you navigate this epidemic with more information on the potential impact, our toolkit, and wider industry shifts. 

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Broiler Chicken Monitoring Toolkit

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