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Gro Intelligence enables our users to access vasts amounts of global agricultural data and build predictive models. We empower decision makers and contribute to a more connected, efficient, and productive food industry worldwide.

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Gro works with customers from different industries that depend on agricultural data to help them perform better and deeper analysis in their fields of expertise. Gro’s leading edge software automatically harvests disparate data, transforms it into knowledge, creates visualizations, and generates forecasts. This allows Gro users to make better and faster decisions by quickly understanding and predicting the factors that affect supply and demand of agricultural markets.

Global agricultural and food industries are in need of figuring out smart solutions in a short period of time to an increasing number of significant challenges, such as climate change, a growing population, and unsustainable production and consumption patterns. Finding answers to those problems will require enormous amounts of data and new ways to generate predictive models. By collecting all the data in one centralized place, organizing it so users can find and analyze what they need quickly, and providing tools to create forecasts, Gro is taking a fundamental step to help address those global challenges.

Extensive collection

The world’s most extensive collection of agricultural data

Analytical Tools

Analytical tools, predicitive analytics, and proprietary models

Intuitive isualizations

Agriculture-centric visualizations and live dashboards

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