A Secure Future Is Within Reach

We can mitigate food insecurity and climate crises by illuminating the interrelationships between the earth's ecology and human economy.

Qualifications to Join

We are committed to collaboratively building a secure future. Through Gro for Good, we give those with the ambition to use our platform for good free access to our platform.

To qualify, you must be in one of the following categories:

  • A grower

  • A faculty member or student at an educational institution

  • Employee at a non-profit organization

  • Working on a project or research focused on food security or climate security

Please fill out the form here. Once we receive your form, we will send you a response within one week.

Benefits of Joining

The Gro for Good program offers growers or teams working on projects that look to solve for solutions to either food insecurity and/or climate change access to a range of data and analytics on the Gro Platform.

Gro for Good is a one year, renewable Standard subscription that includes:

  • Visualization tools for Gro analytics products, including major US forecast models, as well as Africa, South America, Asia, and Europe

  • Ability to download data

  • Invitation to all Gro webinars

  • Timely market intelligence from our analyst team