The São Paulo Sugarcane Crop Model enables users to project total recoverable sugar (TRS) levels in the Brazilian state of São Paulo during the crushing season. By drawing on key environmental variables, this model is capable of predicting TRS, known in Brazil as ATR, in advance of UNICA’s semimonthly reports. Users can therefore get earlier insights on ethanol and sugar availability in the market.

Customers Use the Model to: 

  • Estimate how much sugar and ethanol can be produced in São Paulo 
  • Analyze how sucrose yields might impact prices 
  • Estimate how much sugar can be exported from Brazil 

Why It Matters

São Paulo produces the vast majority of Brazil's sugarcane, and sucrose yields determine how much sugar and ethanol will be produced. By combining the model with Brazil demand figures, Gro users can assess how much product is available for export and manage price implications. 

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