The Gro Climate Change Index comprises a set of climate model forecasts for different IPCC-compliant Representative Carbon Pathway (RCP) scenarios. These indices facilitate the probabilistic analysis of climate change impact for any asset or supply chain in the service of long-run strategic planning.

Customers Use the Model to: 

  • Forecast what yield in a given area will look like in the future 
  • Inform long-term planning and decision-making around establishing infrastructure and operations.
  • Analyze if a business should relocate based on changing climate conditions 

Why It Matters

Gro users can use these long-term climate change indices to determine how future shifts in weather could impact cropland areas. The model enables users to see what yields will look like based on different climate scenarios. This can inform farmer planting decisions and help determine if it would be more advantageous for a farmer to relocate. The model also can help identify regions that may be unfavorable for growing crops today, but will turn into arable land in the future.

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