About Gro Derived

Gro brings the world’s agricultural data into a single platform with a common ontological language, enabling easy combination and comparison of disparate data series. The interaction of seemingly unrelated data can draw out powerful insights. With trillions of data points, the possible combinations of data series available within Gro are nearly infinite.

To help users realize value from these insights quickly, Gro has developed an expanding catalog of derived-data series. In addition to machine-learning models and forecasts, Gro offers a wide range of computed baseline metrics. For example, combining the most reliable sources for consumption and population data gives the most accurate picture of per capita consumption for all global markets.

Examples of popular Gro Derived series

Gro Derived FEWS Drought indicator

Evapotranspiration is the combined quantity of water removed via transpiration from plants and via direct evaporation from soil, water, and vegetation surfaces. This series is a computation of the ratio of actual evapotranspiration to potential evapotranspiration. This series is essential for modeling yield forecasts as well as analyzing growing conditions around the globe. For more information click here.

Gro Crop Cycle Progress

Gro derived visualization of the progress within a particular crop cycle (Planting, Growing, Harvest) based on the aggregation of our available SAGE crop calendars. For more information click here.

Net Commodity Futures Positioning

A net positioning figure is computed by subtracting gross short positions from gross long positions, using CFTC data. These series allow users to distill the CFTC data into a single measure for each group of traders, e.g. Managed Money or Swap Dealers, and analyze their behavior and trading activity in aggregate.

Calorie Production and Consumption

Gro Derived converts production and consumption of the world’s staple crops into energy and calories, allowing users to more accurately measure import reliance and food security for any given country.