Gro Explorer app gives a quick and up-to-date overview of growing conditions, weather, and climate anywhere in the world. The tool helps users form a clearer picture of the short-term weather situation and long-term climate outlook for the regions and assets they care about. Series can be weighted by crop planting area as well company-specific weighting schemes like number of store locations per region.

Customers Use the Model to

  • Monitor growing conditions such as soil moisture, vegetation, evapotranspiration, and drought for any region weighted by your crop of choice
  • Run analyses of changing climate conditions and the resulting risks for locations or assets  anywhere in the world 
  • Examine areas at risk due to climate change, including forecasting to the year 2100

Why It Matters

Gro Explorer allows Gro users to quickly evaluate growing conditions anywhere in the world by monitoring soil moisture, precipitation, temperature, vegetative health, and other weather and climate indicators. In regions where crop yield forecast models don't exist, the Gro Explorer app can be used as a substitute to monitor growing conditions for any crop worldwide. This helps users understand difference in growing conditions amoung various regions, and compare current conditions with past growing seasons and long-term climate scenarios. Gro Explorer is able to generate crop/location-weighted analyses in a matter of seconds, saving analysts a significant amount of time.

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