The Gro Livestock Locations Tool allows users to quickly see environmental and crop-market conditions around some 300 livestock facilities across the United States. Users can select the facilities related to their operations and view data on such measures as temperature, drought, and corn or soybean yields. The radius around each facility can be adjusted and easily compared to historical data using the tool’s charting feature.

Customers Use the Model to: 

  • Analyze how weather, the environment, crop yield, and production of feed grain is impacting a facility’s operations 
  • Estimate risk of disease outbreak from cold and wet weather
  • Track relationship between temperature and feeding efficiency  
  • Analyze the impact of crop production expectations on cattle and feed prices and margins 

Why It Matters

The Livestock Locations Tool can be used to project the risk to a facility's costs and revenues. Weather can affect cattle prices and margins through feed prices, disease, and feeding efficiency. For example, a slaughterhouse can track NDVI levels around its feedlots to forecast feeding costs and their impact on upcoming purchase prices.

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