Gro helps clients across a variety of functions in financial services, including financial trading, asset management, risk management, lending, and insurance.

Easy to use, customizable weather and environmental data from satellites
Access to local data sources that come in different languages and difficult to use formats, such as scanned PDF images
Predictive analytics that leverage our domain expertise in agriculture with machine learning algorithms
An API client that allows you to seamlessly integrate data from Gro to your own models or database
A Financial Trading Use Case
Create your own models
With all the data in one place, Gro makes it easy to create and fine tune your yield models. We have created a few of our own machine learning models forecasting corn and soy yields to demonstrate how you can do so using the data in Gro today. We applied our agronomic expertise to select the best variables to model corn yield on a county-by-county basis. These variables, which are all data available in Gro, include environmental indicators like the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index and land surface temperature, as well as USDA reported data such as their crop condition surveys. You can learn more about our models here.

In Gro, you can not only see our daily forecasts, understand how each variable affects the model, you can also create your own models. Send all of Gro’s data directly to your systems through the Gro API or export the data from the Gro web app into Excel.
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