Gro helps physical traders gain a more holistic picture of supply and demand sides of the markets to optimize timing and price for buying and selling.

Quantitatively check market conditions to corroborate what you are hearing from brokers or suppliers
Monitor daily weather and environmental conditions for the specific regions you trade in
View balance sheets for all major crops globally
Stay up to date with intuitive visualizations that are constantly updated with the latest information
A Physical Trading Use Case
Understand drivers of supply and demand
Understanding drivers of supply and demand in agriculture markets can help you stay ahead of markets and make plans for changes. For example, in Gro, you can track the entire life cycle of your crop of interest on live displays that update automatically - from the environment that the crop grows in, to the production it yields, to the amount consumed or traded.

For example, you can monitor environmental conditions for the soybean growing season in Brazil and decide if they are optimal. You can then assess what the impact of those conditions will be on production for the year. Gro also allows you to track weekly, monthly, or annual trade flows between your target countries to see how macro trade relationships are changing over time given the global supply and demand picture.

In the top left chart, you can see how China manages its soybean import program by alternating between North and South American suppliers. You can also view this trade data stacked seasonally, in the middle chart on top, which allows you to see what volumes look like this year at this particular month compared to previous years during the same month. With Gro you can be fully informed of the markets you are buying or selling in.
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