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(Webinar) What Will US Farmers Plant in 2022?

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As we approach the 2022 US spring planting season, the world faces tight supplies across multiple crops. US wheat supplies are at the tightest level in 7 years while US corn supplies remain tight. US corn buyers face their second tightest market since 2012. The return of La Niña could bring big ramifications for crops in 2022 crops. Accurate planting intentions estimates are paramount in predicting available supply in the US over the next year.      

In this webinar, Gro Intelligence’s research analysts will share our forecast of US planting intentions for the 2022 season. Gro’s US Planting Intentions Model allows users to project how much crop will be available in the coming year based on producers’ planting intentions for each of the major crops.


Thursday March 3 2022 10:00AM ET

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