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The China Cash Price Browser monitors the daily price movements of dozens of commodities in locations across China, as well as regional and national averages. Users can quickly and easily view cash price data by percentage changes over various time periods. Users can also rank price movements to see which markets are moving the most. The app includes a heatmap for visualizing how prices normally change over the course of a year, helping to deduce if price changes are based on seasonality or other external factors. Clicking on the heatmap provides a summary of the product’s price history along with trends.

Customers Use the Model to

  • Track how prices have moved for a product over the past week, month, or year to date
  • Compare prices for goods across different provinces
  • View hundreds of price data series in a single table, and quickly sort, rank, and filter the data

Why It Matters

Following local price movements can help Gro users track supply and demand imbalances in real time and anticipate changes in China’s impact on global markets and trade in the future.

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