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The Gro Drought Index (GDI) is the world’s first high resolution global agricultural drought index. It differs from traditional indices in that, beyond precipitation, it factors in several other ecology-driven indicators that closely track the sequence of events leading to drought, giving a more accurate evaluation of the impact of both drought intensity and duration on agriculture. GDI measures drought severity on a scale from “0” (no drought) to “5” (exceptional drought). The index is global, offering data on the continent, country, state, and district level and updates daily.


Customers Use the Model to

  • Monitor drought in key regions for early warning signs of how drought may impact crop production, supplies, prices, and farmer income
  • Anticipate potential price-moving events in real time and plan product demand accordingly
  • Complement Gro’s Yield Forecast Models ahead of planting to indicate potential planting intentions

Why It Matters

Agricultural drought impacts crop production, soil degradation, and desertification. It is also an important factor in crop supplies, prices, and farmer income. Detecting drought early allows for advance business planning to mitigate potential negative consequences of unfavorable growing conditions. Drought is also a key risk factor for wildfires, dust storms, and water stress. GDI combines 46 publicly available data sources into a comprehensive model that is a precise and clear indicator. It is easier to interpret than NDVI alone, a key measure of vegetative health, particularly for areas with competing crops or crops like winter wheat that don’t have as consistent a seasonal NDVI pattern as corn and soybeans.

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