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Gro’s Crop Budgets App provides insights into the economics behind producers’ planting decisions. The app combines current estimates and historical data from multiple data sources on revenues, costs, and returns to provide budget estimates for major crops at the national, state, and regional levels. Gro users can also input their own values to perform customized analyses.


Customers Use the Model To

  • Assess the profitability of various crops in numerous regions of the US
  • Understand the producer’s decision process
  • See the impact of changes in yield, crop price, and operating costs from multiple data sources in one place
  • Estimate operating returns for US farmers planting corn and soybeans when combined with Gro’s Yield Forecast Models

Why It Matters

At a glance, the app shows Gro users what economic calculations US farmers are performing in the current season. The app combines crop budget data from the USDA ERS and enhances it by linking in Gro’s latest crop yield model forecasts. We have also included new crop cash prices to make the app more current, helping users estimate operating returns for US farmers planting corn, soybeans, wheat, and cotton. We also have state level analysis available with data from North Dakota State University and Iowa State University.

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