Creating One United and Global View

Assuring national food security is a priority for most governments, especially in the face of climate change and increasing populations in large importing countries.

The interconnected nature of global agriculture means most countries are reliant on others for significant portions of their national food supplies. Governments must contend not only with their own exposure to climate risk, but the vulnerabilities of their key trading partners as well.

The Gro Platform enables government bodies to monitor and forecast developments in global agricultural markets, both near-term (e.g. failed harvests or new trade restrictions) and long-term (e.g. climate change and demographic changes) and integrate this global view with proprietary national or local data to anticipate any issues and take action.

The Gro Platform also offers a detailed, geospatial understanding of climate risk. While climate and environmental data are widely available, the data is often difficult for anyone who is not a climate scientist to work with. The Gro Platform enables governments to greatly expand the use of geospatial climate data.


Uses in Food and Climate Planning

The Gro Platform allows government entities and teams to:

  • Monitor global balance sheets, supply and demand, for key commodities

  • Plan for climate impact tomitigate risks to communities and infrastructure, as well as contingency plan for importing affected commodities

  • Manage national emergency food reserves program

  • Achieve food security


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