Platform Across Agriculture, Ecology, and the Economy

Curated by human intelligence, scaled through artificial intelligence

More certainty from more sources and more perspective

Although it is now possible to make decisions with knowledge from dynamic, interconnected sources, many institutions rely on static and disconnected data because of complexity or cost. 

Gro Intelligence has built the most globally comprehensive data and analytics platform to provide a unified view of climate, agriculture, and economy insights. Gro's platform helps teams of all types manage risk, adapt to changing conditions, and forecast with greater confidence.

Applications for confident decisions

Gro's decision-making applications take our analytics and models and add a layer of analysis to allow for action.


Climate Risk Navigator for Agriculture

Get quick and up-to-date overview of weather and climate projections for over 40 major crops, for anywhere in the world


Land Suitability Ranking

Find a region to grow a given crop based on ideal growing conditions and identify similar regions.


Supply Location Monitor

Understand the supply of corn, soybean, and wheat available near grain production facilities in the US.


Custom Price Index Application

Create a customizable price index using a product’s key ingredients and weightings data.

Analytics that answer questions

Gro analyzes data to produce machine-learning-based predictive models that generate valuable knowledge and insights. Gro has a growing library of over 100 customizable models and modeling frameworks. 

We use the latest advances in machine learning to develop insights on a global scale.


Supply & Demand

Yield Models, Land Cover, Supply Forecast Model Framework, China Pork Consumption, Demand Forecast Model Framework


Price Drivers

Automated Balance Sheets, Ag Price Indices, Price Browser


Weather, Climate & Environmental

Gro Drought Index, Crop-Weighted Global Climate Extremes Index, Anomaly Detection Notebook, Land Suitability Ranking


Pest & Disease

Fall Armyworm Arrival & Risk, Locusts Vegetation Impact Model

Comprehensive, global data coverage

Gro is the only platform showing the dynamic impact of climate, economic factors, and agricultural systems on each other. We enable customers to spend 80% of their time on analytics instead of only 20% currently due to their current process of gathering and cleaning fundamental data. We normalize weather, climate, and environmental data by ingesting at the pixel level and aggregating to the district, province, and national levels.

What that means

Language and format

Translate from different languages & file formats into a single knowledge graph

Different frequencies

From daily, monthly, and annual, to specific points in time

Various time periods

Historical and current data and future forecasts

Multiple granularities

Including district, national, and global levels

Features to fit into your workflow

Gro's tools and visualizations are designed to fit into processes for procurement and short-term financial decision making, long-term planning and risk mitigation strategies.


Real-time updates on commodities and weather

API Access

SDK for development in Python or R

Excel Plug-In

Excel downloads from the portal or API

Portals and Displays

Consolidated view across regions and crops


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