Gro’s entire suite of customizable models and analytics for all regions and crops

Access the full set of Gro's analytics

Interconnected Data

The Gro Platform processes over 60 million unique data series and 650 trillion data points on a daily basis from public and private sources. Our vast library of both public and private data available to Premium customers enables them to access multiple types of data, analyze it, generate their own predictive models, and download directly into their workflow. Additionally, Premium customers have access to data sources from China and South America.


Gro’s upgraded Premium analytics layer real-time insight with long-term forecasts so you can make decisions with confidence. Access Gro's entire suite of over 100 models and key products for the following categories, including:

Weather & Climate Modeling

  • Gro Drought Index
  • Climate Risk Navigator for Growing Conditions

Price Modeling

  • US Retail and Wholesale Volatility Adjusted Price Index
  • US Retail and Wholesale Price Volatility Indices
  • India Food Price Inflation Index and Retail 
  • India Retail Price Volatility Indices
  • US Ag Price Index 
  • China Ag Price Index
  • China Corn Balance Sheet

Supply & Demand Modeling

  • China Pork Demand Forecast Mode
  • US Corn Prevent Plant
  • US Soy Prevent Plant
  • US Planting Intentions
  • US Corn Area Planted
  • US Soy Area Planted
  • Argentina Soybean Crush Forecast Model
  • Brazil Soybean Export Forecast Model
  • Brazil Soybean Crush Forecast Model

Pest & Disease

  • Locust Vegetation Impact Model
  • Aflatoxin Risk Indicator 

Yield Forecast Models

  • Brazil Soy
  • Brazil Corn
  • Canada Spring Wheat
  • India Wheat
  • Australia Wheat
  • China Wheat
  • China Corn
  • Russia Winter Wheat
  • Ukraine Winter Wheat
  • US Hard Red Winter Wheat
  • Argentina Soy
  • Argentina Corn
  • US Corn
  • US Soy
  • Brazil Asian Soybean Rust

Crop Cover Modeling

  • Argentina Soy
  • Canada Spring Wheat
  • India Wheat
  • US Corn
  • US Soy
  • US Winter Wheat
  • Australia Winter Wheat

Features and Integrations

With a Premium subscription, use advanced Gro Platform features to make effective market forecasts with new precision:

  • All predictive models including data sources for Brazil, China, and South America
  • The ability to insert your own proprietary data into Gro’s models, analytics, and applications
  • Additional private data sources and third-party data connectors
  • Customizable Gro applications are available as package add ons
  • Download data and visualizations
  • Link visualizations within your own presentations
  • Attend all Gro webinars
  • Receive priority access to timely market intelligence 
  • Keep all customer work in private workspace
  • Prioritized 24-hour email support with in-house Gro commodity experts