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Gro Intelligence is leading the modern agricultural revolution using data and technology, driven by advances in parallel processing, remote sensing, machine learning, and AI. We’ve developed a web app that gives you easy access to the world’s most comprehensive agriculture data platform, fully equipped with the most updated information, intuitive visualizations, and predictive analytics.
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The Gro web app pulls together global food and agriculture data into a single platform. Not only can you export the data into Excel, you can also create live dashboards that have a variety of charts and maps to make analysis much easier.

Introducing the world's most extensive collection of agriculture data. We have meticulously mapped over 8 million data series to a common language so you can jump straight into analysis. The data covers crop production, consumption, weather, infrastructure, prices, trade, as well as socio-economic and environmental indicators. While the raw data comes in a myriad of formats and languages including published datasets, spreadsheets, APIs, PDFs, emails, and images, Gro’s technology cleans, transforms, normalizes, and synthesizes the data so users can jump straight into analysis.

Gro processes global satellite imagery daily, turning hundreds of trillions of pixels into insights about key agricultural markets. Visually monitor crop health or even harvest pace on a daily or weekly basis using Gro’s geospatial indicators. Take it a step further and use Gro’s geospatial data to forecast yields or the impact of an environmental disaster on agriculture. The best part about it is that the underlying data is completely available to you through the Gro web app or API.

Gro offers more than just data. There are a variety of analytical tools in the platform that allow you to gain deeper insights from the data without ever needing to leave the platform itself. You can, for example, enter your own yield estimates and quickly gauge how they would affect overall supply, or instantly examine crop progress and compare to previous years. Of course, you can also export data as a CSV or XLSX file anytime and use your own analytical tools. The data platform is fully flexible to allow you to do research your way.

Move on from standard Excel charts and view agriculture data in a completely new way. View the change in crop health on a map alongside crop calendars that tell you exactly which part of the growth cycle you’re in. Map out grain storage locations and their proximity to where crops are grown. Numbers transform into insights with more intuitive visualizations in the Gro web app.

Sample Functionality

Gro's wide-ranging features enable deeper and more efficient analyses of the world's most extensive collection of agricultural data. Spend more time doing and less time digging for data.
Export Data

Take Gro further by exporting data to Excel. You can perform further analysis or compare data with your own proprietary data.
Automatic Updates

Build dashboards that you can monitor throughout the day. Data will automatically update on your charts so you don’t have to keep track of when the next source update occurs.
Create Unlimited Dashboards

There is no limit on the amount of data you can view or extract from Gro. Every dashboard you create will automatically be saved.
Compare Sources

Become the ultimate fact checker by comparing data series from different data sources. You'll not only see the discrepancy in reporting, but you'll now know which numbers to use.
Combine Data

With the click of a button, add, divide, multiply or subtract any agricultural item or region for easy analysis.
Embedded Dictionary

Have a question or maybe a little rusty on your terminology? Look through Gro's embedded dictionary to understand every source, metric, or data type in detail.


Gro has designed over 15 different visualization types to help you derive insights from data more efficiently and accurately. If you can’t decide which visualization type to choose from, Gro optimizes the visualization type to use based on your selected data.
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