Basic data visualizations for improved analysis

Test out the power of the Gro platform

Interconnected Data

The Gro Platform processes over 60 million unique data series and 650 trillion data points on a daily basis from public and private sources. Our library of public data available to Starter customers enables them to easily find the data they need for improved analysis.


Gro’s Starter analytics layer real-time insight with long-term forecasts so customers can make decisions with confidence. Access select models from our library of over 100 analytics for the following categories, including:

Weather & Climate Modeling

  • Gro Drought Index

Price Modeling

  • US Ag Price Index
  • Stocks-to-use Vs. Price Framework
  • US Retail and Wholesale Price Volatility Indices
  • US Retail and Wholesale Volatility Adjusted Price Index

Yield Forecast Modeling

  • US Soybean Yield Forecast Model
  • US Corn Yield Forecast Model

Pest & Disease Modeling

  • Locust Vegetation Impact Model

Crop Cover Modeling

  • US Soybean Crop Cover
  • US Corn Crop Cover
  • Argentina Soybean Crop Cover
  • Canada Spring Wheat Crop Cover
  • Australia Wheat Crop Cover

Features and Integrations

With a Starter subscription, use Gro Platform features for increased accuracy in decision-making and market forecasting:

  • Limited weather and agriculture public data sources on select regions and crops
  • Selective data visualizations on global crop production, demand, supply, and climate
  • Create new charts and customize existing charts with the ability to add multiple data sources into one, easy-to-use display and user defined graphs 
  • Share charts created publicly  
  • Timely market intelligence and webinars from expert analysts
  • Basic technical support