Why Gro Intelligence

Unique and Accurate Decision-Making For Your Specific Goals

Many companies rely on monodimensional data in a multidimensional world. Teams use only one source of public data to trade or to plan, or use sources that focus on only one geography or crop, even as the world continues to grow increasingly interconnected. Gro provides data and solutions for food and climate that enable clients to make decisions with confidence, knowing that they’re getting a full and honest answer.

A Wealth of Sources, Rigorously Integrated | Our Data

At Gro, we bring a vast array of sources together - government releases, satellite data, and licensed private sources - to assemble “ground truth”. Learn More about Our Data.


The extraction, processing, and normalization of this data relies on the Gro platform and ontology, unique assets which took more than 2 years to build.


Our data is fully interoperable, so different sources and datasets can be easily compared.

Data Quality Checks

We have automated data quality algorithms that check that data from all sources is accurately represented and to weed out any source level error.

Curated by Human Intelligence | Our Domain Experts

Gro’s domain experts have spent decades working in the fields of commodities, agriculture, food, and climate. Their expertise powers all aspects of what we do - from testing and choosing the most relevant data sets, to identifying insights, to building the analytics to get to a holistic picture. Join Gro.

Connecting Sources

Our human intelligence is what designs the bridges between data sets, allowing us to expose the connections between crops and geographies.

Use Cases

Because there is human intelligence at the heart of our artificial intelligence, data and models come together in ways you can use. Our experts have built use cases that address common needs, so you don’t need to start from the ground up.

Scaled by Artificial Intelligence | Our Machine Learning

Once a model is designed, experimentation and model selection is fully automated. This means that we are able to continuously run and launch thousands of machine learning based models.

Models and Visualizations | Our Analytics

Our deliverables and visualizations reflect your specific concerns. Gro's Platform includes a growing library of over 100 customizable models and modeling frameworks, which translate to thousands of models when applied to all country and product pairings. Learn More About Our Analytics.


Our models are fully automated and get back tested for accuracy for at least 20 years.


We are building indices to measure changes and allow planning across a number of climate and agricultural areas.

Decision Tools & Frameworks

Our frameworks allow connection between our data sources and your internal numbers.

Our Portal and API In Your Workflow | Our Connections

Gro provides multiple ways to leverage our analyses - providing more accurate answers to your current questions and allowing you to ask questions that you could not answer before.


  • Displays available in our portal allow easy visualization and decision-making, telescoping in and out of each view.

  • Export data as a CSV or XLSX file anytime and use your own analytical tools.

Learn More About Our Gro Portal


Using our API gives you maximum flexibility, and the scale and quality of the data make it ideal for machine learning.

Learn More About Our API

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