Gro’s custom Crop Covers use geospatial data to identify where a crop is grown. This creates the ability to isolate areas where a specific crop is located when assessing the impact from various environmental data. Gro’s custom Crop Covers are developed at a 30-meter resolution and include both low- and high-confidence masks.

Customers Use the Model to

  • Identify where a crop is grown
  • Visualize how crops are impacted by pestilence and weather events
  • Track changes in planted area over time
  • Use as an input to other yield, pest, and disease models, particularly to mask environmental data so that only the crop in question is being looked at

Why It Matters

Crop Covers are important inputs to yield forecast, pest, and disease models. They allow Gro users to see which crops are impacted by weather or pestilence events and to quantify risk from sourcing regions. Crop Covers can also be adapted to track changes in planted areas over time, which is critical for long-term planning.

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