A New Lens on Produce Markets

Produce markets are extremely complex, exhibiting big regional and varietal differences in prices, in addition to inherent seasonality. Even the most experienced procurement and strategy teams lack a holistic view of the market, and experience supply disruptions and missed opportunities as a result. 

Gro combines data on wholesale produce markets in Mexico with US retail and transport data to provide the most complete picture yet of this dynamic industry.

Produce Toolkit

Create a free Gro account for a preview of some of the data and displays available in the toolkit, which enable users to:

If you are looking for information about a particular crop, cultivar, or region, or would like us to walk you through the full range of produce data and models on the Gro platform, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Produce Price Volatility

Watch Sara Menker, Gro’s Founder & CEO, introduce the produce data on Gro and explain why understanding produce price volatility is vital to managing the market disruptions caused by COVID-19. The material used in this introduction can be found at the bottom of the page.

A free Gro account enables users to interact with the displays and data that Sara used in her introduction to produce price volatility, including:

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